Beams Plus Ventile 6 Panel Caps

My son had his 4th birthday party last weekend. It was a perfect day weather–wise, and everyone had a great time, but I, of course, had my usual self-conscious freak-out about my hairline. If only I had one of these Ventile 6-Panel Caps from Beams Plus. They’re made in Japan out of 100% cotton Ventile Cloth, a densely woven yet lightweight fabric that’s durable and water-resistant. And, they’re capped off (pun intended, duh) with a cow leather adjuster. There are even four colors to choose from over at END. So I’ll definitely be sure to have one of these ready to go for his 5th birthday, when my hairline has pushed back even further 🙁








For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.

  • Peter Naylon

    Nick, my follicle-challenged confidante, thank you for sharing these dope hats with us. I’ve been trying to find one of those Blue de Paname Rugby hats since you featured them here. They were/are sold out everywhere…I almost tried bribing my co-worker to give his up but he’s kinda of an unkempt sort and I can’t imagine what might be growing under that lid.
    Maybe if we get a campaign together and petition BDP they will make another run.