Battenwear L/S Pocket Tees

I admit that long-sleeve tees are kind of a hard thing to get excited about (and a blog post about them is probably even harder). But, at the same time, a good long-sleeve tee can be one of the most versatile pieces in your closet (I speak from experience). So, understanding that none of us want to spend a whole day on this, but that also, these Battenwear L/S Pocket Tees are great, I’ll keep it short and sweet. They’re made in the USA out of a textured, medium-weight 100% cotton jersey, they come in five colors, all of which are pre-washed to give them a nice, worn-in look, and they cost $70 a pop. There, now we can all go do something else – like buy a bunch of these tees.

For price and purchase info, visit Battenwear.