Bather SS18 Collection

I have fully embraced the short-short. I got some tats right above my knees to commemorate my new affinity for the 5″-7″ inseam, and now I’m gonna stock up on some of these print-heavy SS18 joints from Bather. Made in Canada, the $83 lined swim trunks and unlined board shorts feature a variety of graphics, ranging from jungle, to floral, to pinstripe, to Trapper Keeper-style abstracts, and they have 5.5″ and 6.5″ inseams, respectively. Those leg tats will definitely get some burn this summer (that means they’ll be out to play for all you non-ebonics-speaking folk).

For price and purchase info, visit Bather Trunk Co.

  • The Sail boat print is dope.

  • probs

    I been saying, the people want gams, and I’m not one to deny what the people want. Makes me sad seeing great brands like Engineered Garments and stuff forever making amazing-looking shorts except that they’re stuck in the over-the-knee middle school short wave.

    • Zachafalia

      What are gams?

      • Stems

      • Nick Grant

        to be even more specific, it’s referring to thighs. The gamminess is measured by the thiccness.

        • probs