Bather Camp Shirts

HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN FOLLOWING NBA FREE AGENCY THIS WEEKEND?! I mean, of course you have, because there’s been over $8 billion or some shit just tossed around like it’s play money. It’s crazy just how much NBA players get paid, yet they still can’t dress for shit. If I were a stylist to the stars, let alone a NBA player myself, I’d pick up a couple of these Bather Camp Shirts because they’re made in Canada out of a really soft and silky cotton/viscose blend and feature some fun prints that will make me seem fun, yet sensible. Because sensibility is a major area of improvement for the NBA, if you ask me. Give me one of those max deals, and all five colors of these $114 shirts are mine. And maybe a small island where I can wear them.

For price and purchase info, visit lost & found.