Ball and Buck Six Point Shorts

Six things to know about the Six Point Shorts from Ball and Buck:

  1. They’re handmade in New York, New York by Jay Z.*
  2. The lightweight chambray, twill and canvas fabrics will allow your kibble and bits to breath easy, so your crotch won’t smell like a subway station by the end of the day.
  3. They have an additional back inseam for easy tailoring, in case you finally decide to lose some of the weight you’ve been saying you’re going to lose since April.
  4. They have duck camo twill pocket linings. I don’t have anything witty to say about that, that’s just tight AF.
  5. They come in a bevy of bright, summery colors so you can stop being such a fuddy-duddy, and start being a funny-dunny, get it?
  6. They’re on sale for $54 with plenty of sizes left, which is great because, at this rate, we could be wearing shorts into November (which means white people will be wearing them until February).

*Jay Z did not make these shorts by hand… at least we don’t think he did. His rep would neither confirm nor deny.





For price and purchase info, visit Ball and Buck.