Authenticity 50 Sheets

Things that prevent me from getting a good night’s sleep: sirens, biweekly summer parades, and the middle-aged electronic music producer who lives underneath me (‘sup, Sebastian). Fortunately, I don’t have to count discomfort on that list thanks to these Supima Cotton Sheets from Authenticity 50. They’re 100% “seed-to-stich” made in the USA, and because supima cotton has extra-long staples, the sheets will stay soft and resist pilling no matter how many times I wash them. Planning to sell direct-to-consumer, a $149 pledge to Authenticity 50’s kickstarter will get you a complete set. And at roughly 50% off the retail price, that’s a win-win considering you’ll spend a third of your life on them — unless you have a Sebastian living under you too.



For price and purchase info, visit Authenticity 50’s Kickstarter Page.

  • Corey

    how about tencel sheets? i love mine.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for the question Corey. We could look at Tencel in the future, need to see if there’s a US-based supplier. A few of the reasons we chose Supima cotton is that it’s extremely high-quality (and expensive, 2-3x normal upland cotton) and the provenance of the product is verified at every step in the manufacturing chain; and it’s 100% grown in the USA, which we’re very excited about!


    I am happy with my sheets from Muji. Nothing special, just nice sheets.

  • Jimmy

    DavidPD, interesting! I used to shop at Muji when I lived in Tokyo. I’ve never tried their sheets, however.

  • just copped this. Supima is the best. very exciting product.

    • Jimmy

      Thanks for backing us Jacob! We really appreciate it.
      I agree, Supima really is a cut above the rest. Most high-end sheet sets are made using long staple cotton. Supima is guaranteed extra-long staple so you get a finer yarn that is more durable and softer, the best of both worlds.

  • The best art is stolen – Frank Wilder

  • Jimmy

    Hey WS gang! Thanks again for your support and kind words below! I just want to give you all the heads up that the website has launched!

    We are also offering a refer-a-friend campaign where you can give your friends $15 off their first purchase and you get $15 off! Check it out!