Authenticity 50 Duvet Covers

I always blamed my messed up sleep cycle on work, school, and my propensity to binge-watch Scandal until dawn. But after spending some time on the Authenticity 50 website, I’m realizing it might actually just be my shitty bedding. The company’s new Duvet Covers are made in the USA out of 250 thread count percale, which is woven from California-frown Supima cotton, a strain that’s 45% stronger, and remarkably softer, than nearly all other cottons. And, thanks to the company’s consumer direct model, the covers are actually pretty affordable too (plus you get 10% off if you pre-order). So even if A50’s linens don’t make me a better sleeper, they’ll at least make my bed a much nicer place to be.



For price and purchase info, visit Authenticity 50.