ASKET Raw Denim Jeans

Y’all remember raw denim? Some of you are probably wearing some right now, which is cool. Me, I haven’t worn raw denim in a long time. But that’s mainly because it’s so hard to find a new pair that fits well, and all of my old pairs are beat to shit (in a good way, of course.) But, ASKET, my hero, has come through yet again with what very well might be the last raw denim jeans I ever need. Cut from 13 oz. Japanese raw denim, and made in Italy, they come in the brand’s “three-dimensional size system” – choose your build, waist and inseam – guaranteeing a perfect fit. ASKET is trying to take us back to our good ol’ Americana days with these $140 bad boys, but hurry because the pre-order ends November 11th.

For price and purchase info, visit ASKET.

  • kyle

    any idea what shoes those are?

  • pastramiboy

    140 bucks, non selvedge, very boring looking. What gives y’all?