Apolis Linen Civilian Suit Bundles

Apolis just made summer wedding season a whole lot more affordable. If you buy one of their Portuguese-made Linen Civilian Blazers and a pair of their Linen Civilian Pants together in a bundle, it’ll only run you $380. A great price that’ll totally help to offset the cost of travel, lodging, gifts, and the myriad other things you have to pay for when your friends get hitched. And, unlike those other expenses, you’ll still be able to enjoy your suit even if your friends get divorced. Win-freaking-win.




For price and purchase info, visit Apolis.

  • Bo

    That olive linen suit looks so nice. Price isn’t even that bad!

  • Stephen

    I’m not yuppie enough for a 3 button suit 🙁

  • Christopher

    The 3 button stance is a deal-breaker for me.