Andrew Flower Logo Long Sleeve Tees

You guys know that I am, and probably always will be, a streetwear guy through-and-through. But, as I get older, I definitely have to be conscious of the streetwear I wear. Basically, I don’t want to be that try-hard “hello, fellow youth” guy, so I need to keep it subtle. Enter Andrew, a new streetwear brand that is all about subtlety, which really comes through in their Flower Logo Long Sleeve Tees. A 100% cotton shirt that’s made in the US and epitomizes exactly how I want to represent my affinity for streetwear as an old and a dad. Definitely keep an eye on this brand as it develops, starting by picking this thang up for $42.

For price and purchase info, visit Andrew.

  • Eh

    Printed in the USA =/= Made in the USA just a heads up – at least in my mind. If that were the case so many of these Gilden printed brands would be here. Printed in the USA, Designed in the USA, Finished in the USA, all that shit means nothing but getting the “in the USA” SEO work.

  • dDogDesk