American Trench x Epaulet Waxed Canvas Mac Coats

It’s sort of sweet how American Trench and Epaulet both refer to each other as “close friends” in their product descriptions for these new collaborative Waxed Mac Coats. Like, if either of them wanted help moving, or needed relationship advice, they’d call the other. As for the jackets, they’re pretty much a perfect mash-up of both brands: high quality materials and craftsmanship; AT’s namesake design coupled with Epaulet’s incredible bang-for-your-buck-ness. I can totally picture American Trench and Epaulet meeting for a movie, and both showing up to the theater wearing the same coat, but then just laughing about it and shrugging it off, like close friends do. Two colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit American Trench or Epaulet.

  • S.O

    Those simple clean lines look great and can be dressed up or down. The head cannon you wrote is more interesting than the coat & I just ordered one for my brother.