American Trench Tie Dye Silver Crew Socks

Have you guys seen the Engineered Garments x Vans my son and I customized with some badass graphics, yet? Well, they smell like absolute shit because I’ve been wearing them sock-less. But now, I’ve found socks worthy of being paired with those hand-painted masterpieces (after I give them a proper scrub-down, that is): these new American Trench Tie Dye Silver Crew Socks. Not only do they come in a bunch of incredible colors, they have silver filament knitted into them, which kills bacteria and provides odor and moisture protection. So those around me will no longer have to suffer at the hand of my foot odor, while being mesmerized by my son’s beautiful creations, thanks to these $22 limited edition socks.

For price and purchase info, visit American Trench.