American Trench Summer Footies

My feet sweat. Profusely. So even though I’d prefer to never wear socks, if I know I’m going to be taking my shoes off in front of people, I have to. Enter the Summer Footies from American Trench. Made in the USA from a cotton/nylon blend, they’re the perfect weight for summer wear, and the awesome knit will look good and protect my rep whenever I visit a no-shoes house. Fucking no-shoes houses. Three colors are available at $13.50 a pop, or $30 for a three-pack.




For price and purchase info, visit American Trench.

  • Watcho

    Hey man, I have an original 1950’s red oak hardwood floor that I restored a few years ago, and you can wear whatever gaucho boots or couture sports cleats you want when you come over.

    • Lizard Boy

      ooh! everybody in couture sports cleats! I’m waiting for mine to come in from the Kickstarter.

  • Cory

    Similar socks from Muji are a better value.

    • Nick Grant

      I actually own both and might disagree with Muji being a better “value.” I also haven’t owned these long enough to see how long they’ll last with my disgusting feet.