American Trench Mil-Spec Sport Socks

I almost feel guilty buying socks that are knit for the military. I mean, these heroes put their lives on the line to protect our country, and all I did today was eat too much macaroni & cheese. I don’t deserve the padded footbed, arch compression, or mix of American-grown cotton and anti-microbial silver yarn, which will help to prevent stankfootedness – the only real enemy I’ve ever faced. And yet, here I am, picking up all four colors of these American Trench Mil-Spec Sport Socks for a mere $30, knowing full well that I will never do anything as important as the brave men and women for whom these socks were really made.






For price and purchase info, visit American Trench.

  • Wilson

    What boots are those in the cover photo?

    • Sonny

      They look like the Viberg Service boot.

    • lll