Amazon Wishlists Are a Cam Girl’s Best Friend

According to a recent story from Racked, Amazon wishlists are becoming an increasingly popular means of compensation for a growing number of industrious webcam girls.

Sitting down with one such cam girl, who’s managed to procure thousands of dollars worth of gifts from strangers, the site found that “cam girls, or women who make money video-chatting with clients, were among the first Amazon users to make use of the online giant’s thirstiest feature: the public wish list.”

And if done right, holy shit can that thirst trap be successful. Jamie, the pseudonym given to the woman interviewed, said that gifts given to her have been valued at a “couple thousand dollars” — shoutout Dyson vacuums — but that she also includes cheaper things for guys with tighter budgets.

“Sometimes I put up really expensive stuff, but then there are people that don’t have a lot of money, so I like to put little things up too, like little planters,” Jaimie said. “I like to garden, so I put pots up or just little bracelets or something, so there can be $10 ones.”

Though the story notes that the “wishlist-compensation phenomenon” isn’t a new one among the Cam Girl population — it was written about extensively in 2002 after a girl talked her way into a camcorder — it also says that “the popularity of the public Amazon wish list has only grown in the 16 years since.”

“[These days] it’s not just cam girls but Twitter randos, Twitch stars, and the newly engaged who have a handy link to all the stuff they want to show up at their doorsteps.”

But for the record, it’s not like any gifts actually engender affection for the remote sugar daddies. “[I don’t feel obligated to them.] I don’t owe them anything. A lot them think that, but I don’t.”

You can read more about it at Racked.

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