Amazon Just Patented a System That Makes Clothes “On-Demand”

As if Amazon wasn’t already a big enough industry disruptor, a new US patent granted this past Tuesday could allow the e-comm giant to revolutionize fast-fashion with a high-tech, on-demand manufacturing system.

The computerized system is said to aggregate orders from around the world and come up with the most efficient fulfillment plan, factoring in size, shape, fabric type, and delivery location.

According to Recode, the system also has textile printers, cutters, and “cameras designed to snap images of garments that would provide feedback on alterations needed in subsequent items.”

Designed by two 3D printing pioneers, the inventors believe the system will work for products such as “footwear, bedding, curtains, towels” and materials “including but not limited to paper, plastic, leather [and] rubber.”

Amazon did not comment on the patent, however, it’s easy for one to assume that the on-demand system is the next step in expanding their rapidly growing private label business.

You can read more about it at Recode and Geek Wire.

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