Albatross Brand Leather Goods

You guys like Corter Leather, right? Of course you do. Everyone does. Well guess what? Eric Heins, Corter’s creator, has started a new leather goods brand called Albatross, and they’re offering the same Corter quality but at a much, much lower price. How is that possible? Why would he do that? WHAT’S HIS ANGLE? The answer is; I’m not sure. I mean, he’s offering cardholders for $12, wallets for $24-$69, even a full-grain steerhide Postal Bag that looks like it could survive the goddamn Apocalypse for $239. Is he crazy for offering such goodness at these prices? Yes. Will he be cannibalizing Corter? I don’t know. But enough with the rhetorical questions – go check out the Albatross Brand Kickstarter for yourself.






For price and purchase info, visit Albatross Brand’s Kickstarter Page.

  • Actually… yes. Yes I do like Corter. Met Eric a few years ago and he was a very nice guy.