Albam Reversed Loopback Sweatshirts

Last week, I lost my fantasy football match by .1 point, when Antonio Brown scored a 6-yard TD in the 4th quarter. POINT ONE. Not only did that knock me out of the playoffs, but if I had won, I would’ve had a first round bye. I know most of you probably don’t care, but this hurt. Like, a lot. That .1 point literally could’ve been the difference between where I’m at now, and being able to toss my winnings at this very nice Albam Reverse Loopback Sweatshirt. Taking inspiration from vintage sweat tops, these are made in Portugal out of 100% cotton with the loopback detail on the outside, which is where I currently sit, in regards to my cohorts in the winner’s bracket. As you can tell, I’m still bitter. Fuck it, I’m gonna buy the orange one now and hope it brightens my day.

For price and purchase info, visit Albam.

  • The texture on the reverse loopback sweatshirts some subtle sweetness. It creates some interest without drawing too much attention. The orange one is tempting me.