Albam Combat Fleece Jackets

I don’t know if y’all saw, but a few weeks ago, I was featured in GQ because I am a bad bitch in my Sandy Liang fleece. If I would’ve known that all it took was for me to rock some banging fleece jackets to get the recognition I deserve, I’da been buying them by the boatload. My next pick-up will most definitely be this Albam Combat Fleece Jacket, which is made from a luxurious fleece and has an Italian two-way zip which you KNOW gets me a’goin’. I’ll probably get the burgundy or indigo because the pink might push me into dangerous territory, even though it is the best one. Copalop one of these joints for $243 and be a bad bitch alongside me.

For price and purchase info, visit Albam.

  • fudk

    NIck Grant, writer – now forever known going forward as “the fleece guy from GQ.”