8.15 August Fifteenth Poolside Shorts

Writing about these Poolside Shorts from 8.15 August Fifteenth just made me realize that I haven’t been poolside once this ENTIRE summer. What the hell have I been doing? Oh yeah, blogging about clothes. There is no sad face emoji sad enough for that statement. Anyway, the shorts are made in NYC, have a drawstring waist and removable logo patch on the leg, and they’re 40% off. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go desperately try to squeeze whatever little bit of joy is left out of this all-too-fleeting season.





For price and purchase info, visit 8.15 August Fifteenth.


    The tab is removable, I hope.

  • Nsidibe Etim

    Interesting Style, i wonder the idea behind the removable logo. overall thanks for sharing it with us.