8.15 August Fifteenth Hawaiian Shirts

Have I told you all about my new chest tat yet? I’m pretty sure I have, but I’m too lazy to search through old posts to double-check. Anyways, it’s two ghosts holding hands, AKA “THE HOLDY GHOSTS” and because of it, I am now exclusively wearing camp collar shirts like these 8.15 August Fifteenth Hawaiian Shirts, which are made in NYC out of rayon fabrics with purrty patterns and have a button placket that I let pluuuunge. I know: I’m hella douche-y for this, but I can’t help it that these shirts look dece on me AND I have a dope tattoo to showcase. These bad boys are on sale for $117, which is nothing compared to the pain of a buzzing needle on your chest bone.

For price and purchase info, visit 8.15 August Fifteenth.