The 10 Most Valuable Fashion Brands

Brand Finance recently released a list of the world’s 10 most valuable brands, and not only is Nike at the top, they’re worth two to four times more than everyone else.

Valued at $32.4 billion, the sportswear company has clearly rebounded from the sexual harassment / other shitty workplace culture controversies that dogged it for much of 2018. And, according to a Highsnobiety story detailing the report, has seen “healthy sales growth” in basically every continent aside from Antarctica.

Coming in at at number two is Zara, with a worth of $18.4 billion, followed by Adidas at $16.7 billion.

The rest of the list is a mix of fast fashion brands: H&M dropped to fourth (they were second last year), and their $15.9 billion valuation was “down 16 percent, making it the biggest loser in the top 10.” Uniqlo on the other hand, almost doubled in value — $12 billion, up 48 percent — and climbed nine spots to number seven.

And luxury: Louis Vuitton ($13.58 billion) and Gucci ($10.19 billion) “grew by 29 percent and 19 percent, respectively,” and rank highest among their peers at sixth and ninth, which seems to indicate that Virgil Abloh resonates with a larger audience, and that Alessandro Michele still has the sauce when he’s not making hideously offensive things.

The full list is below:

1. Nike ($32.42 billion)
2. Zara ($18.42 billion)
3. adidas ($16.67 billion)
4. H&M ($15.88 billion)
5. Cartier ($13.64 billion)
6. Louis Vuitton ($13.58 billion)
7. Uniqlo ($11.99 billion)
8. Hermes ($10.92 billion)
9. Gucci ($10.19 billion)
10. Rolex ($8.05 billion)

You can read more about it at Highsnobiety.

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