The Friday Find: 8.15 August Fifteenth Winter Sale

Oh man, you guys, almost everything on the 8.15 August Fifteenth site is 40% off right now, and I want ALL OF IT. EV-ER-Y-PIECE. The NYC-made, slim fit shirts? Gimme. The military-inspired outerwear made from luxury materials? Hand it over. The tailored trousers and jackets? GET ON MY BODY. Ugh. Do me a favor and go buy some of this shit before I do, so I don’t totally bankrupt myself. Thanks.







For price and purchase info, visit 8.15 August Fifteenth.

  • MattZink

    Anyone having a problem getting the “shop” link to work? I am.

  • Watcho

    Jomers wools just went live this morning. ~$50 for wool/silk/cashmere, made in NYC.

    • Thank you! Great!

    • Matt

      Really interested to see what the quality is going to be on those pants

      • Watcho

        I have a few pair of their brushed canvas and ducks, and the materials are great. I’m no expert, but from what I can tell they’re sturdy. For the price I don’t think they can be beaten, even without the free shipping. Unfortunately they come in such small runs that you can’t just buy them whenever the mood/need strikes. In my experience, that’s the only downside.

        • Matt

          Sweet. How does the sizing run?

          • Watcho

            Vanity waist, a little fuller in the leg than you might be led to believe. Only a few sizes left.