Momotaro 05-157 Denim Souvenir Shirt

If you can’t appreciate a denim shirt-jacket with a howling monkey laser-etched on the back, then you must live a sad, sorrowful life, because this Momotaro 05-157 Denim Souvenir Shirt is the tits. It’s made in Japan out of 8oz. denim and has a beautiful scenic view laser-ed onto the back, complete with a bonsai tree, Mt. Fuji, and, of course, a motherfucking Japanese snow monkey. Perfect overshirt for fall. Pick one up for $142 from Denimio, unless you’re a miserable bastard who doesn’t like monkeys and / or lasers, in which case, I just feel bad for you, bro.

For price and purchase info, visit Denimio. Additional sizes available at VARI Jeans Shop.