Merz b. Schwanen 2 Pac Tees

The most expensive t-shirt I ever bought was from Merz b. Schwanen. I was in Berlin, at the heritage menswear mecca, Burg & Schild, and just got swept up in the moment. Between the tee’s almost intimidating heft, incredible fit, and perfectly faded color. Plus I was in Germany, the country where the shirt was made. And I also kind of messed up the conversion rate math in my head. It wasn’t until weeks later, when I was back in the states, that I realized how much I had actually spent. And then vomited in my mouth a little. That was a few years ago, before Merz came out with these Tee 2 Pacs, which contain two Portuguese-made, tube-knit, 100% cotton tees for, like, just a couple bucks more than their most expensive German-made tees. It’s Merz fit and quality, but without the guilt-induced gagging – sign me up.

For price and purchase info, visit Kafka Mercantile (scroll down).