Jungmaven Hand Painted Tees

When I was growing up in DC, t-shirts with “puffy” paint were all the rage. Everything from nicknames to cartoon characters wearing “urban” clothing – if it was drawable, paint that bitch on my t-shirt, bro. While I had some great times in those tees, these days I need something a bit more grown-up, like these Hand Painted T-Shirts from Jungmaven. Made in the USA, the hemp / organic-cotton blend tees have hand-painted designs that’ll get even better looking with age, unlike my puffy paint Bugs Bunny, which lost its ears and one custom Jordan shoe after only a week.

For price and purchase info, visit Jungmaven.

  • We made these in some class in middle school. I taped mine to make zigzag stripes while everyone else went with horizontal, vertical, or diagonal stripes. Just like back then, the less neat and perfect the stripe the better it looks when finished.

    We used natural dyes like red cabbage scraps and such. Made for a dope H.A.G.S. shirt at the end of the year.