Gustin Chino Shorts

Man, Gustin is not messing around with these new summer product drops. Last week they came out with those bananas-affordable tube tees. And this week, it’s bananas-affordable Chino Shorts. They’re slim-fit. They’re made in the USA out of 5 oz American twill. They’re garment-dyed and washed for softness. And they’re only $59. I don’t know what Gustin’s next new warm-weather offering is gonna be, but if it’s anything like these last two, total summer wardrobe domination seems all but imminent. And I’m okay with that.




For price and purchase info, visit Gustin.

  • Watcho

    When I was a kid I used to beg my mom to buy me whatever name-brand digs were popular at the time; without fail, I’d end up getting the disappointing Target knock off. That’s all I see when I look at Gustin stuff: a full line of knock offs.

    • David

      Sucks to be so insecure.

      • Watcho

        Sure, when I was 12. My guess from your comment is that you haven’t changed much, though.