A Day’s March Swimwear

True story: I knew a guy in college who’s balls were so low-hanging, they would dip into the toilet water every time he sat down to take a dump. (He would drape them over the top of his thigh to keep ’em out of the water while he did his business, in case you’re wondering.) Anyway, I bring that up because as much as I love the Swim Trunks from A Day’s March, and I really do, as you can see from the pic above, they’re short enough that my buddy definitely could not have worn them. But luckily for him, and anyone like him, ADM just came out with a longer, short-style version, which are made in Portugal from ripstop polyester. So now everyone can enjoy ADM’s fantastic swimwear, even the gargantuanly testicled.

For price and purchase info, visit A Day’s March.