Battenwear Pocket Rugby Shirts

I had a pretty extensive polo and rugby shirt collection in college that I was incredibly proud of. All sorts of colors to match my Nike Dunks. I had a pink one that was a tad too big, right around the Pink-Polo-Kanye era that I wore with my UNDFTD Dunks that I would probably contribute 45% of the sex I had to. Battenwear’s Pocket Rugby Shirts take me back to those simpler times. Made in Canada from sturdy, 6 oz. cotton jersey, perfect for the hopefully-right-around-the-corner transition into spring. While I may not still be on the Nike Dunk wave (maybe I need to go back though???) I can guarantee that this $185 will have you doing the sex like me in my heyday in NO TIME.

For price and purchase info, visit Battenwear.