Vintage American Optical Safety Glasses

I’m all about safety first. Seat belts. Chewing 32 times before swallowing. Wearing a helmet to bed to protect me from my wife’s “sleep terrors.” So it’s a no brainer to cop these vintage, US-made American Optical Safety Glasses. A classic Wayfarer shape, in a gang of lens and frame colors, so I can throw some stylish shade at the many dangers around me.




For price and purchase info, visit Quality Mending Co.

  • Spars

    I got these glasses and they’re great. But I bought them on ebay for $40 or so. They’re good quality, but not for $150 from the link above.

    • Dave Heal

      Same glasses from eBay or just the same style?


    Yep I have these. Bought them on eBay for 15.00.

  • bone voyage

    god i hope people buy these off ebay instead of that ridiculous store

  • Skinflin McGinty

    this way to the egress

  • WideEyesTightWallets

    Just ordered a pair in grey off eBay, hoping they are as good as they look! Went for $33, free shipping.