Muttonhead Strollin’ Shorts

When did we as men become so terrified of showing a little thigh? At one time, short-shorts were the norm – as evidenced by countless old photos of my father and grandfather. But nowadays, it seems like north of the knee is just not a place many are willing to go. Well I say we take things back to how they used to be, and use these Strollin’ Shorts from Muttonhead to do it. They’re made in Canada out of 100% cotton twill, have an elastic waistband, and end right smack dab in the middle of the thigh. They’re also only $34 a pop. So join me, and welcome your thighs back into the world.







For price and purchase info, visit Muttonhead.

  • Bryan Tarlowski

    There’s a rugby brand that sells 4″ inseam shorts made in Canada with cotton twill for $25. These are cool though, just for the financially strapped.

    • NA

      :O. Which brand?

      • Bryan Tarlowski

        “barbarian” is the brand.

  • Marc

    These are no good if you wear loose boxers; sit down and your tackle is quite on display!

    • 6th Grade is Still Alive

      Who still wears boxers?

      • Marc

        Eh? What’s your undergarment of choice, then?

  • Thomas

    Can someone please what white sneakers are those?!