Westerlind Felt Hats

For any of you that are new to the internet, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite thing ever: the shmoney dance. I’ve actually decided to make this my daily cardio workout, but I can’t do it without the proper hat. And since I’m too #menswear for a fitted New Era, I’m gonna go with one of these US-made Cord Felt Hats from Westerlind. With their flat brim and rounded crown, they’ll make the perfect thing to nonchalantly toss in the air as soon as that beat drops. Two colors are available.




For price and purchase info, visit Westerlind.

  • Fico

    Do you folks even vet the stuff you post anymore?

    • TominDC

      What’s wrong with the hat/company?

    • http://www.well-spent.com/ Well Spent

      The hats are made in the USA. They were designed by the former designer of Baron Wells. And Westerlind is run by the same people that curate Above The Treeline at Capsule. Do you need more vetting than that?