Burgus Plus Lot.401 Modern Chinos

These Burgus Plus Lot.401 Modern Chinos are made in Japan out of “West Point” twill, a 100% cotton fabric that’s “tightly woven at maximum density” and put through a “cold mercerization process” which results in a “smooth hand and slight sheen.” I don’t really know what all of that means, but it sounds very special. Also special is that these pants are $132 a pop, which is a lot less than I was expecting, considering their rich and lengthy backstory. Two colors are available.






For price and purchase info, visit Hickoree’s.

  • Watcho

    Drives me batty when pants are merchandised like this. Why not just wad them up in a pile? I realize I’m probably gonna have to take them to the tailor anyway, but at least give me some notion of the fit.

    • Cory

      The Hickoree’s site has measurements.


    The sheen is absolutely batty! Sweet.