The Friday Find: Corridor Shirts Promo

True story: Corridor founder Dan Snyder recently sent me one of his shirts to check out in person, and I’ve been wearing it (at least) twice a week ever since. And not like a Christmas toy you’d be giddy about at first, but then neglect after two weeks, this bitch gon’ keep getting hella wear. For those unfamiliar with the brand – like I was before receiving Dan’s very generous gift – all of their shirts are made in NYC, and feature premium fabrics, premium trimmings, and a superior fit, thanks to their unique three panel design. And now, Dan (aka the Man) is offering Well Spent readers 15% off the entire Corridor collection all weekend long. Use code WELLSPENT at checkout to get the discount, and get ready to forget about every other button down shirt you own, just like I have. Merry Christmas, bitches.








For price and purchase info, visit Corridor.

  • Reg

    Beautiful — what’s the fit like?

    • Nick Grant

      If we’re going strictly by comparison, I typically wear anywhere between a L and XL in Engineered Garments and Gitman (though length is sometimes an issue) and I believe my favorite Taylor Stitch shirt is an L (though it’s shorter than EG L)…I had to go with an XL with Corridor because it is a slim-fitting shirt. Not skinny, though. I received the Japanese Indigo Stripe, which is a thicker, yet breathable Japanese cotton, so I choose to layer with a T-shirt under it, which could attribute to my particular sizing on this shirt.

      I can provide measurements on the L and XL of this shirt, but Dan has been super-responsive to emails, so I’m sure hitting their shop up with any sizing/measurement questions would prove to be fruitful.

      • Reg

        Very helpful — thanks!

  • Oliver Baranczyk

    Hooray Dan!

  • Seb

    What a deal! Another American made shirt for under $230!!!

  • Josh

    great looking shirts. a size chart would be really helpful tho…

  • Watcho

    I’d love to see a WS article comparing fits in general, like comparing Corridor to Gitman to Taylor Stitch to Rogue Territory OCBD’s, etc.

    • Well Spent

      We’ve actually been kicking around a similar idea here in the WS office. We’re hoping to launch come fall.