The Friday Find: Unis Harrison Shorts Giveaway

Guys, trust me, you really want to get in on this Unis Harrison Shorts Giveaway. I’ve been wearing the same pair of Harrisons for three summers now (I’m actually wearing them as I type this), and they’re still some of the best shorts I’ve ever owned. Tough as nails construction (cut and sewn in the USA), nice detailing (front patch pockets, back button flap pockets), and a great fit. And, this year’s colors are some of the best yet. So leave a comment below to enter. We’ll be choosing the winner on Monday. Good luck.




For price and purchase info, visit Unis.

  • Tron

    Unis are the Bomb!

  • Adisal Tjung

    Living in the South East Asia means that shorts are a necessity, and boy, these Unis shorts sure look damn nice.

  • Greg

    Those White ones! :)

  • Jacob Spencer

    I’d wear those.

  • Alex

    I like

  • Nigel

    I definitely need to win these!!

  • Katie

    As a woman I often love men’s clothing much more than women’s and these shorts are no exception. I would wear them proudly.

  • Jeff

    I need a pair of shorts, its getting hotter.

  • Chris Chen

    hope I win!

  • Australianyo

    Middle of winter in australia here, desperately need these

  • Sean N.

    The sun is still out here in Montreal! A pair of these would be great.

  • Hunter

    The fit looks great! I’m crossing my fingers.

  • disqus_0uCuPV1XZL

    Yay shorts!

  • Jay

    Nice shorts!

  • usc

    I need these, 35 degrees and every short in the washing machine

  • Norm

    Great looking shorts!

  • Rmbond15


  • Jeremy McLellan

    Can’t wait to try these!

  • Wesley hill


  • Gerald

    vwey nice shorts!

  • stylesax

    Next steps : Get leg tats, win these sweet Unis. Not necessarily in that order

  • MattZink

    I dig the shorts – count me in!

  • jesse

    I think that the green pair look amazing.

  • Robert

    Gotta go with the white.

  • Oliver Baranczyk

    I’m on my third summer as well – still haven’t found a better short or a better shade of green on a short. Glad to see they are back this season!

  • Mike Stevens

    Great looking shorts!

  • Wes

    Love ‘em!

  • bobchadwick

    I am leaving a comment.

  • ierso

    Huge fan of Unis!

  • Brett

    I literally have TEN PAIRS of Unis Gios! The best chinos I’ve ever owned, and they get better the more I wear them. Nothing even comes close. I even sun-faded a blue pair when I was in California and they’re incredible. Eunice knows her stuff. I never would have considered wearing shorts before, but I would definitely wear these. And stock the hell up if I like them.

  • Ryan Kakaris

    These shorts are rad! Need to bring some swag to Ohio!!!

  • TomM

    Simple and lovely!


    Awwww SHeet! I needs to get me some!

  • haas regen

    UNIS = best men’s clothing out there.

  • nima

    awesome shorts. also, their raglan sleeve varsity jacket is the best

  • Eugene Ko

    the white looks great!

  • Brandon Weems

    I’d like a pair

  • bnhvr

    The only problem with these shorts is that my knees might develop an inferiority complex with perfection being so close by…

  • Peter

    Love my Gios, they fit just the way I want them to. Currently don’t have any shorts at all so these would be great!

  • Jake


  • cameronrgr


  • dz

    Awesome shorts! But those tats tho….

  • Nick D’Amico

    love these shorts!

  • Ben

    Just visited Unis in LA for first time, great space and a lovely mix of apparel , artwork and publications. Retail done right!

  • Zai

    Let’s do it

  • Joel

    Those look great! might have to get a pair.

  • Henry

    The shorts look great!

  • Paul Martino

    Yay Unis! Best chinos known to man. Ditto for the shorts.

    • Ghost

      Best T-Shirts. They’re all I wear… and I only have 1.

  • American Thirst

    Love both Unis and Well Spent, thanks for the opportunity!

  • rm

    Awesome timing for my husbands birthday next week! Love them

  • Miko Mendoza

    Wearing last year’s tiger camo now!

  • jc


  • Will B

    I’m a Gio fanatic! Let’s give these Harrisons a shot!

  • disqus_yeu3ztllt6

    Look forward to drinking schnapps in these

  • Christopher Seely

    I love Unis pants! They are great for guys with skinnier legs.

  • Vince RM

    The style Is just what I need in my life….

  • Teddy Lee

    I have two pairs and I love them both! Wouldn’t mind adding a third pair to the collection :)

  • Harrison Keith

    As a “Harrison” it’s probably good that I own a pair

  • cb123

    Feeeeelllinngggg thesseee shorrrttiies

  • John Janchar

    Very nice. Gotta get me a pair in white.

  • Tony N

    Fit and colors look great!

  • kirk

    I need some shorts

  • Tim

    I need some classy shorts.

  • Robert

    Yes. Unis is by far my favorite shop in NY

  • Gnargusto

    I’m broke and it’s hotter than the Ukrainian conflict here in NY. NEED SHORTS!

  • Anthony

    Have 3 pairs of Gio skinnys! Love the fabric and fit! Would love to win some shortzzzz!

  • E3

    I like Unis :)

  • llooped

    I’m a big fan of your Gio pants and these look equally nice!

  • Sean Franklin

    I will gladly give up my dignity for these wonderful shorts! Pebble please?

  • Joe

    Awesome! Thanks for giveaway.

  • CH

    I was wearing these when my kids dropped a pile of french fries in my lap, haven’t been the same since..would love another.

  • Frank

    Nice color and pocket detailing.

  • Raul Justiniano

    Nice shorts

  • Chris

    These look awesome!

  • Marlhon Jean-Michel

    I would look great in these.

  • Philip Nagasadi

    I want.

  • notwithit

    Hard to find a good pair of button-fly shorts these days. The Pacific color looks great for summer.

  • ieu

    A beautifully designed and constructed pair of short pants. Good luck to ME!

  • Philmon Yip

    I’d definitely put this to good use, by wearing them everyday. It’d be perfect for scorching Singapore, where the only season is summer. I need this!


    MY NAME IS HARRISON! PICK ME! Just kidding it’s actually Jack. But pick me anyway?

  • arthur

    Not surprised they make good shorts since they make awesome pants.

  • Mark carrasquillo

    Built for pleasure

  • Tim Ring

    they have the perfect inseam

  • Ehren David Edralin

    Who do I have to sleep with to get these shorts? Straight, gay, bi – whatever. I’m in it to win it. UNIS rocks.

  • Guruve9

    Great looking shorts!

  • Judah

    they look super cool

  • Andrew

    Awesome shorts, would love to try a pair.

  • Mike Sarchet

    Relatively new reader of Well Spent, but really love the blog – and these shorts! Hope to grab a pair of my own!

  • Mark

    Yes, Awesome. Send them my way.

  • HFancy

    Unis is excellent as always.

  • Iram

    I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and it’s now on my RSS feed! Great site!

  • juanderlust

    Got a pair of gios I love, I’m sure I’ll love these.

  • dgonsh

    Would love the green or blue.

  • Sean R

    I own 4 pairs! Best style shorts I own.

  • dave

    Killer, quadtastic gems.

  • Kevin C. Smith

    Love the Gios, shorts must be awesome as well.

  • jaycen

    Money was Well Spent on my Gios. A pair of Harrisons would balance out the warmer months.

  • James Wells

    Unis Harrisons are dope wouldn’t mind a pair or the Green ones.

  • Sara B.

    Digging these!

  • Benjamin

    Dreaming of new shorts and all of the fun things I will do in them, such as looking dope on the urban landscape

  • Brian

    I don’t own any shorts that aren’t jorts so this is much needed and perfect for me…seriously though.

  • Pooflapoo Pie

    I rarely wear shorts b/c I’m pale as all get out. Beleedat. But these are making me think twice…

  • James Kim

    UNIS is the truth!

  • Pesky

    Insert short comment here.
    (Get it… “short comment”? Shorts? Cause of the shorts?)

  • Austin

    Eunice is a boss.

  • John

    I’m really happy with my pair of gios. I’d love to try some of their shorts, too.

  • Chip2stan

    New here as well, but have bought a few things based on your posts.

    Love the length of these and the casual look. Hope to score a pair, or more likely score one and buy a second.

  • Allen Tran


  • Dave

    I wanna get in those shorts!

  • Leon

    Have the Gio and love it. My favorite chinos. Since I lost weight, I had been holding off this past year on pants/shorts purchase. Love to try the Harrison.

  • BlakeB

    Love the shorts!

  • Andy Chan

    I have pairs of the Gio skinnys and another pair of emmett by you guys. Fit amazing and wear them with everything. Love to try these on for the summer!

  • Alex Bond

    i knew a guy named harrison. anyway, long story short, i’m down with the shorts and the name and i’d like a pair of these. thanks well spent for the giveaway.

  • Steven

    Love em in white!!!

  • Roger

    Nice pair of chinos.. I like the detailing of the pockets and the inseam length.

  • Tim

    I’m short on shorts

  • Matt Mather

    My summer would finally be complete!

  • Hanon


  • Mark Nielsen


  • Fraser

    May the best man win.

  • Houston

    Great looking shorts

  • Sonny

    Count me in!

  • Joe Panuncialman

    Need cool shorts for the confidence to approach attractive white women in Brooklyn

  • DJ

    I’d like a pair… pick me!

  • dylan

    Just moved to LA yesterday. Never needed shorts more.

  • Michael Fellows

    Would love to try a khaki pair. They look amazing!

  • Adam

    Please oh please oh please! I would show them a good time!

  • Josh Del Colle

    I’m a broke social worker the shorts struggle is real

  • Alex

    These shorts would be a perfect companion to all my summer adventures.

  • Dandee Ronruen

    waazzzzzzzzz guuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddd

  • DBan

    Classic lines from Eunice. Just as cool in 1940 as in 2014 as in 2070 (don’t let us down, kids).

  • Sean

    Wont wear any other pants – time to try the shorts

  • Mike

    My go to brand for legwear

  • Darren

    I’ve always wanted a pair of Unis

  • Virginia Alber-Glanstaetten


  • Henry

    These look great!

  • nikokat

    Harrisons would look good on me.

  • Jessica Hamilton

    It’s a good thing my boyfriend and I wear the same size in Unis. Sharing is caring right?

  • LM

    love me some unis!

  • Dane J

    I like free stuff.

  • agh

    Yes please :)

  • Dara

    i like turtles

  • Aaron Dias-Melim

    Perfect length. Not too short, and not too long. Wouldn’t want to cover up my knee tattoos…

  • Jonathan Borin

    I think I will live a better life with a pair of harrison shorts… UNOs is my favorite brand since my first time visiting the NYC shop back in 2003!

  • peteshea

    pick me plz!

  • Cayetano

    Been wanting to try these!

  • David Piechnik

    It’s all random anyway and doesn’t everybody need a new pair of shorts?

  • Patrick

    I want these!!!

  • Gxl

    Have a pair of jeans with same style of pockets. would love to have shorts in a similar fashion

  • John


  • Chodgin

    My chicken legs aren’t getting enough show in my denim, they need to breath with these awesome shorts

  • Sean Bradley

    Gotta get them green ones.

  • Seth

    Unis gios, shorts, tees, etc are all amazing. Gios are my go to pants and although I have many colors, I still love the core navy and khaki the best. My favorite feature on Gios in the extended tab waistband and amazing fit. Would love to try the Harrison shorts.

  • Timo

    Well Spent Harrison Unis are the perfect fit for looneys like me ;)

  • Gilberto Vega

    It’s getting hot out here in LA, I need these.

  • millerboyz999

    Super comfy shorts

  • Zetttla

    These are very, very nice and I believe that I now need them…

  • tj


  • Tommy Cary

    Would love some

  • George

    I haven’t worn shorts in 8 years. These would be great to begin my journey back into wearing shorts.

  • Chris

    Rugged yet refined!!! I wear Unis Gio chinos almost daily and would love to have a pair of Harrisons.

  • DustinM

    Very clean. Would be a great staple for the summer for sure.

  • Will

    Could always use more shorts in Louisiana heat

  • Nick

    No comment.

  • Calvin Atwood

    I’m driving my Volvo wagon cross country without AC so I could really use these shorts

  • Kawika

    These look nice.

  • cxl

    Awe. Some. My gios can rest.

  • Connor

    Good stuff

  • Andrew

    Units is awesooooommneee! Oh yeah, best comment ever.

  • Aaron


  • Craig

    Half my wardrobe is Unis. But no shorts. Would love.

  • RQ

    are they as awesome as people say?

  • Sam

    Yes, please

  • DK


  • Ben

    These shorts look good. I need shorts. I wear my swim trunks because I don’t have any.

  • Robert

    Everything Unis puts out is quality! Gios are a classic as are these!

  • certainshadeofal

    Would love a pair.

  • Daniel

    Nice shorts.

  • c0llin

    Fantastic shorts. Yes please!!

  • D. Strull

    Shiver me timbers.

  • Jon Wong

    I need new shorts for this California Sun, son!

  • William

    I’m in need of some high quality formal shorts

  • David

    Nice shorts

  • Raymond Tay

    shorts are essential where it’s summer year long here! PLZ

  • Danny Segal

    Literally, the one pair of shorts I have been wanting for so long!

  • sdazzle

    Nice shorts. Look good.

  • David

    I’m in. Any way to exclude the people bitching about Nick’s posts? ;)

  • David

    I mean I guess these are better than the alternative…

  • josten


  • Paul Walker

    Pair of shorts to beat up on a trip to Morocco would be fantastic… see what this “tough as nails” is all about.

  • Phil J

    I’m obsessed with Unis clothing. Their Gios and t-shirts are my daily uniform. Anything I buy there is money well spent. God Bless Eunice Lee.

  • KMH

    Look great!

  • Reversophile

    Me like shorts.

  • tim

    this would be great!

  • VQ

    i’m a fan of harrison shorts and harrison ford, though the latter part is moot, i have some hair on my legs that need some showing off this summer, please pick me!

  • Paul D.

    Good to see the Gents airing out their thighs. I might even give these a roll for a little extra sauce.

  • Jonathan

    I love these shorts too. I actually found out about Unis from Well Spent and they are easily my favorite pair of pants and shorts that I have ever owned. I think I have something like 6 pairs of pants now and two pairs of shorts. The shorts are the blue and tiger camo ones from a few seasons ago. They have held up incredibly and are the perfect summer staple. I’d love to win a pair of shorts, but I’ll still keep buying them either way!

  • Hyun

    Looks great! I would love to try the shorts!

  • Traylor Hunt Huitt

    for me?

  • MP

    They look great! I’m in.

  • edlcm

    Send them this way!

  • Adam

    I definitely need to try on a pair soon.

  • John-Paul Herold

    Yes, I would very much like these

  • jash

    would love some new shorts

  • Nick Ramírez

    I love Unis and would love to try a pair of their proper shorts.

  • Fred

    The Gio Skinny and Emmett shorts are in high rotation in my wardrobe. Haven’t tried the Harrison but what a way to start if I get picked.

  • bpoliva

    Thanks Brad & Eunice for the giveaway. Have a good weekend.

  • kergoth

    These look nice. As a resident of Arizona, solid shorts are invaluable.

  • Chris Spaulding

    Listen to Slayer – Wear Unis Harrison’s.

  • Jason

    Would love to have a pair of those for this hot summer!

  • Dandetiger


  • Matt

    As somebody who doesn’t own a pair of shorts, here’s hoping I can change that.

  • James Galvan

    I promise I’ll share them with my brother

  • Conrad

    I need these amazing shorts to distract from my chicken legs!!

  • Victor Z

    Even A grandfather would look good in these.

  • Mj

    Witty comment.

    Kick arse shorts.

    Full stop.

  • JamesGreen

    1/218 are the odds at the moment, I’ll take it!

  • Alex

    Those are cool.

  • Josh

    would love to win. hook me up!

  • Dan Cerruti

    Shorts! Short pants! It’s hot! Yelling!

  • Scott Robertson

    Tan is fresh

  • m4gdelen4

    This season’s colors are definitely really nice. The pacific, seafoam, and fern are the perfect shade!

  • Joe

    Great looking shorts!

  • Donny Lo

    Do tattoos come with the look?

  • KPJ

    Nice shorts.

  • Ryan


  • Corey K


  • temison

    Count me in!

  • Jonathan


  • jm35


  • pappyjack

    nolita ’00, unis black shirt. still own. still fits. nov. 18/11 was a good day for los angeles.

  • Gabe

    Been rocking a pair of tiger stripe Harrisons for years. My go to farm uniform in NorCal. Super tough shorts.

  • Skylar Newman

    no flex zone

  • Keith

    I need a pair.

  • Watcho

    Anyone know if these fit dudes without mega-tatted legs? Asking for a friend.

  • kaulei

    pick me

  • Daniel Katz

    Yes please!

  • Cousingabriel

    I would very much like to wear these short pants.

  • JL

    I don’t wear shorts often. I would, but I thick they make me look like an over-eager 12-old-boy on the way to his first junior high dance. But, man, with these Harrisons, I bet all that would change. I bet I’d feel like a million bucks.

  • Elliott

    I’ve always been a big fan of Unis but never actually purchased anything from them because I’m on a student’s budget. Great looking shorts, especially in white and that light blue. Cheers

  • JDV

    Please enter me in the giveaway drawing.

  • Jeff

    Fingers crossed!

  • dylan

    Eunice is a really sweet woman too.

  • Ignat

    For the win!!!

  • John

    Love em.

  • myclue

    These shorts look sick!

  • blergh

    the perfect pair of shorts, no matter how tatted your legs are. want!

  • Robert B

    Good looking short pants

  • Daniel Scheppke

    Cool shorts

  • Parks Are Forever

    I bet my ass would look so good in these.

  • Tanner

    Great looking pair of shorts!

  • Alex Johnson

    Every-one in UNI-Son “Gimme-dat-pair-o-Harri-sons!”

  • Sanders

    These look awesome. Could definitely use a pair

  • Jack Doughty

    Very cool!

  • Scott


  • Brian

    I would also like some shorts…

  • dj

    love all the colors, would be sweet to win a pair.

  • Christian

    Been looking for a new pair of shorts and these look like they would fit the bill very well.

  • Cheese kun


  • ajw

    Woof woof!

  • lessonsofdarkness

    Very nice short pants.

  • tylercraft

    Nice, I was just looking at these!

  • Nick


  • foreels

    do the tats come with the shorts?

  • Kevin Walker

    I definitely could use some shorts.

  • The Other TO

    My calves are stupid sunburned right now. Like, there isn’t enough peppermint oil in the world to make them feel better. But these shorts are not peppermint oil. My legs would feel MUCH better with them on. #science!

  • Bo

    Yes plz

  • jessica

    my boyfriend needs shorts

  • Rick

    Do me right, Brad.

  • Marcus

    pretty pretty please with a cherry on top…???…

  • helicase

    OMG Unis shorts! Me gusta!

  • Erwin Low

    So rad give me it!

  • qpl

    Love that blue

  • John

  • Erin Ellis

    I’ve heard awesome things about these shorts. Thanks for the chance!

  • Maureen

    I would wear those shorts into the ground. INTO DA GROUND!

  • Julio Corea

    I’ve always been unsure about adult shorts but these seem absolutely worth trying!

  • Hillary

    I know a special man for these shorts.

  • engrad

    Would love a pair. Pick me!

  • R Dub

    Gotta go for the white ones!

  • Andy

    These shorts look awesome

  • Phil

    These will work with socks and sandals, right?

  • famousbonics

    I need dis

  • Joel Bemis

    I’m an Israeli soldier with a bad case of swamp nuts. Hook it up. This tush was made for these shorts. Skinny gios killed it already and want to see if these are as good. Peace in the Middle East.

  • Scott P

    i would like very much to have these shorts!

  • Ben

    Get shorty.

  • Sasha Nichols

    I’m the man you’re looking for . . .

  • Jordan Fenton

    Worth a shot!

  • steven wade

    Hey, I want those!

  • Daniel T


  • Aaron S.

    OK, boss. I’m ready for shorts.

  • Jimbojones11

    Looks good.

  • ekk1s

    Always wanted these.

  • RS

    I like these.

  • Vincent

    very nice!

  • AdamHarvey

    I’d wear these!

  • ziggR

    Those olive ones are gnarly

  • okaysee

    Given how good the pants are, seems silly not to leave a comment for a chance at a pair of shorts..

  • Austin

    please and thank you :D

  • Koan

    I’m wearing actual holes in my Crate shorts, so I’ll give it a go!

  • Colin

    You probably will not even see this message. You guys are pretty cool tho. Have the moss Unis pants and they are pretty swaggy. Comment #302

  • kidcoin

    It’s all in the details. Very nice. And I love you blog, too. Keep going!

  • Chanyung

    the gray ones are fire

  • tooshaytooshay

    I’m in!

  • Zach

    Sky’s out thighs out. LA lifestyle

  • Chris

    Cool Shorts – entry

  • whatisurpassion

    I would looove to have a pair of these!

  • Marco M

    post to win

  • sean

    Need in my life

  • ryan p


  • Mark

    I’m in!

  • Quinn

    I think it’s time for more than one pair of shorts in my closet.

  • Matt

    It just hit 105º today in Texas so I’m really starting to push it by wearing denim every day.

  • Jerry

    These shorts look great.

  • Epic800

    I need some new shorts.

  • Scott

    St Louis needs more people repping these, and less of those damn plaid club shorts.

  • Shawn Khan

    Need the olive ones please.

  • John Keppeler

    I could really use some new shorts to replace the And 1 shorts I’ve been wearing for the past 8 years

  • Punhere

    Bring it!

  • TheAdultChannel

    Would love a pair of Unis shorts!

  • Stan F

    those olive jawnz though!

  • Nolan Parker

    Look Awesome!!

  • Andrew

    I’ll take some shorts

  • Nathan


  • Justin


  • Jack

    Hope I’m not late to the party, these would be nice!

  • HopperKowalski

    Comment #328, fingers incredibly crossed

  • Little

    I dig these a lot. The patch pockets evoke old-school Ocean Pacific shorts (and fortunately aren’t made of royal blue corduroy). Great length, fabric and colors.

  • Well Spent

    Thanks for commenting everyone. We’ve picked our winner using the random number generator at, and it’s John (with the Curb vid clip). Congrats John! We’ve got some more great giveaways coming up real soon, so we’ll see the rest of you then. Thanks!

  • slubby schlomo

    Too late?

  • OneDayInDublin


  • thatoneduder

    I love Unis pieces! It’d be awesome to win these.

  • TJ

    Yes, please.