Twins For Peace Alex Leather Sneakers

There are a number of important details missing from Nordstrom’s description of these Alex Leather Sneakers from Twins for Peace. Like, that a sizable percentage of TWP’s profits go towards providing children in the developing world with medical care, school tuition, and other necessities. And, that the leathers used for the uppers and lining are Italian. And, that the shoes are responsibly and ethically made in Europe. The one thing Nordstrom didn’t fail to mention is that they’re $200 a pair, which is a pretty good price for European-made, Italian leather shoes that give back to people in need.


For price and purchase info, visit Nordstrom.

  • PMN

    Anyone experience these yet?


    They look like the best pair of Nurses’ shoes ever.

  • J.T.

    Hasn’t this one-for-one model of charity for cheap goods like shoes already been discredited? Developing economies don’t really need any more shoes. Looking at The Twins for Peace website, it looks like health care and school donations only happen when you buy shirts and totes. Is that the case? I’d like to support Twins for Peace, but I’m not interested in another half-baked Toms clone.

  • Locke

    This one time I read the headline of an article thats said people don’t want one-for-one shoes. Because of that I am going to claim that I know better than people who are actually trying to support local economies around the world, and be a snarky a-hole!