Epaulet EPLA Kamigatas

Epaulet EPLA Kamigatas_1
Fatherhood is great and all, but lately I’ve been looking more and more like a soccer mom and less and less like my usually fantastic self, and that’s no good. Thankfully, Epaulet just replenished their stock of Kamigata Jackets, so I can get back on stylish track. An American take on the traditional Japanese noragi, the slim-fit jacket has a single hidden interior button, and is made in LA out of premium denim from Italy, Turkey, and of course, Japan. Now if only the wife would let me trade in our minivan.

Epaulet EPLA Kamigatas_2

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    Seems a bit strange for Western wear. It almost looks like it needs a sash. Like is it a smoking jacket? Is it a robe?