3sixteen Long Sleeve Workshirt

3sixteen cofounder Andrew Chen is a buddy of mine, so I want to be as tactful and respectful with my next statement as I can. This 3Sixteen Chambray Workshirt looks like it fits like shit, but it doesn’t. You see, the shirt’s made in the USA out of 100% cotton selvedge chambray from Japan, which shrinks to fit after a hot wash and dry. And, the image above is of an un-shrunk shirt, which is why it’s so comedically oversized on the model. But, rest assured, after one quick trip through the washer/dryer, the fit will be as spot on as everything else about the shirt – which is to say, very.




For price and purchase info, visit 3sixteen.


    The fit looks baggy, but that selvedge edge is the hotness.

    • Anon

      Did you even read the blurb

      • DAVIDPD


  • Watcho

    So….should dude wear it in a hot bath and let it shrink to fit? I’d be more than a little worried that a dryer would shrink it in weird ways.

  • CelliniEVO

    they should just do the initial wash…guessing with unsanforized denim can be a pain, don’t need the extra headache with a shirt that won’t be able to be returned once washed. My five brother chambray has the same selvedge detail at the bottom and kinda wish it didn’t..