Needles Boiled Linen Arrow Jacket

Can’t breath. Hyperventilating. Must have this Arrow Jacket from Needles. Life depends on it. Boiled linen. Not sure what that is. But, I want it. On my skin. Great shade of grey. Goes with anything. Zipper chest pocket detail. Lord. Have. Mercy. And it’s marked down to $311 at Inventory. But it may actually cost me a few hundred more. Because I. Am. Going. To. Pass. Out. Need hospital. Or maybe just a Vitamin Water.





For price and purchase info, visit Inventory.


    Nice. It looks like chambray but nicer.

  • AJL (

    I’m wondering how breathable it would still be – not saying it wouldn’t (or that it’s not a damn nice looking jacket), but boiling wool binds the fibers together, and is often done with winter jackets to make them more wind and water proof. But yeah, that’s a helluva sharp jacket.