Epaulet Tennis Shoes

These new Epaulet Tennis Shoes are to sneakers what Grey Poupon is to brown deli mustard. Handcrafted in Portugal, they’re made out of leather from Italy’s famed Gruppo Mastrotto tannery, and feature a baby-butt soft kidskin glove leather lining, and an Italian-made Margom rubber sole, which is both internally cemented and externally stitched. And, like the attainable luxury of Grey Poupon, they’re about $200 less than any comparable EU-made shoe on the market ($225 a pair, versus $400 and up for Common Projects, Acne, Our Legacy, et al). Three flavors colors are available.






For price and purchase info, visit Epaulet.

  • Paul J

    What a shame they ruined the white one with that back suede piece. The price is on point.


    The brown suede ones are beautiful. I been wearing Top-Sider plimsolls for years…