Unionmade x Golden Bear Montgomery Topcoats

I’ve had a rough relationship with overcoats ever since “the incident” when I was 14. But no gnarly old homeless flasher is gonna stop me from digging these Unionmade x Golden Bear Montgomery Top Coats. Made in the USA, the slim-fitting jackets have a lightweight cotton twill body and a blind front placket which keeps the buttons hidden from view, much like I wish the mangled crotch of that hideous old pervert was. Anyway, Unionmade has a handful of colors on sale right now, for all you stylish would-be flashers out there looking to scar an innocent teenager for life.






For price and purchase info, visit Unionmade.


    That lining looks nice. I was looking at these awhile ago, glad to see their price is coming down.

  • Craig

    Hey! Another inappropriate and offensive post by Nick!

    • Mr. S

      Nick, I hate to pile on, but I have to agree with Craig about this particular post. You should seriously consider editing it.

      • Nick Grant

        jeez louise guys, you’ve gotta be kidding me.