Anvil US980 T-Shirts

Behold: a US-made tube tee for under $10. These US980 T-Shirts from Anvil Knitwear are tube-knit in the United States out of lightweight, 4.5 oz American ringspun cotton jersey, have double-needle stitched seams and hems, and only cost $9.73 a pop (plus free shipping). Sizing is a little on the larger side, and color options are limited, but at that price, I am not complaining.




For price and purchase info, visit Amazon.

  • Danny

    People have hated on Everlane for their $15 made and sourced in California t-shirts being too good to be true. How is this any less suspicious?

    • Watcho

      Hmm. Link?

    • nico

      What’s up with Everlane? Been think’n of getting some t-shirts from them. What exactly do you mean by too good to be true, are they really that bad? I own some Anvil shirts and have no problem with their quality, especially for the price. Just curious, exactly what price range would you consider non suspicious?


    I don’t really wear t-shirts any more, but I am glad to see these here.

    • Jack

      what do you wear then? o.o?

      • DAVIDPD

        Button down shirts paired with Uniqlo Airism undershirts.