Engineered Garments Jersey Knit Jacket

Pablo Picasso, arguably one of the coolest men of all time, wore navy and white Breton stripes like it was his job. And I want to be as cool as Picasso, despite my profound lack of artistic ability, so I’m gonna pick-up this Engineered Garments Striped Jersey Knit Jacket. A simple, five button, 100% cotton jacket that’s made in New York, and perfect for a mild summer night spent looking up at the sky and contemplating life’s big questions like “why can’t I lick my elbow?” and “how does bleach work?” I’m sure Picasso asked himself the same things ALL THE TIME. Channel your own inner artiste for 25% off at The Bureau.




For price and purchase info, visit The Bureau Belfast.


    Looks a little too Folsom Prison circa 1930 for me…but that collar is mighty fine.

  • Amy @ TAMGtL

    I have a dress in this jersey and it is soooo comfortable. Just saying…

    The American-Made Guide to Life

  • Maureen

    I could see how this would be a desirable piece, but doesn’t seem too versatile. Also has strong pajama game.