Alden Arthur Unlined Suede Oxfords

The good news: these Alden Arthur Unlined Suede Oxfords are on sale. The bad news: the markdown is only 15%. But hey, 15% off is better than no percent off at all, right? Especially when it comes to footwear from one of the finest makers on the planet. Details on these beauts include a plain toe, oiled leather sole, brass eyelets and a reverse welt, and there are – at the moment – lots of sizes left in all three colors.






For price and purchase info, visit Haberdash.

  • Olaf Ghanizadeh

    One of my favorite shoes. I have the snuff and I want the white and navy model…

  • CelliniEVO

    Alden has been having a LOT of quality control issues lately…..luckily Need Supply called them out on my last purchase and had them (and a ton of others) repaired for free. Can’t believe how busted up that stitching is on the 1st pair!


      My friend had issues as well! He saved for 3 months for his Alden Indy boots and they busted on his second wearing. I guess now that they are seeing a huge uptick on popularity their demand is outweighing their QC. For my money Chippewas are still good enough.