Good Measure Shirley Crabtree Sweatshirt

This 14 oz. loopback jersey sweatshirt from Good Measure is named after Shirley “Big Daddy” Crabtree, a popular British wrestler from the late 1970s. Like Crabtree, the sweatshirt is entirely English in origin, beefy as hell, and tough as all get out. Unlike Crabtree, the sweat is damned handsome (seriously, that guy was not a looker). And, it’s got side panels, a v-insert at the neck, and is made with the grain of the fabric running horizontally to prevent stretch and shrinkage. I’m pretty sure those features don’t apply to Crabtree either, but I could be wrong.




For price and purchase info, visit Good Measure or Oi Polloi.


    I love sweatshirts as much as the next guy, but artisinal sweatshirts just seem a bit silly to me.

  • Mic

    they sell these at uniqlo for $30, my favorite sweater…