New Balance 577 Sneakers

Did you know that in addition to owning the last still-operational sneaker factory in the US, New Balance also owns one of the last still-operational sneaker factories in the UK too? It’s true. And that’s where they make these 577 Sneakers. A reissue of a style that first debuted back in the mid ’80s, the 577s have a suede and mesh upper with contrast leather detailing and an Encap sole. Get ‘em for 25% off (and free shipping) at Need Supply.




For price and purchase info, visit Need Supply.

  • andrew

    Man, imagine if they did a few design changes. Like get rid of the the words “new balance” in the back heel thing for that model. Would be so great.

    • Jackie D

      So get a pair custom made and stop whining about meaningless aesthetic details on the Internet.

      • Andrew

        Actually, thats not a choice on their site. Oh, and fuck you. I’ll whine all I want, jerk.


    I wore Adidas Sambas for the longest time, but once they switched sweat shops, the quality went to the shitter. I recently switched to New Balance and have been blown away by the quality for price.

  • CelliniEVO

    Are you Steve Jobs? Are you the billionaire owner of Apple Computers? hahaha

    • Jackie D

      A bad movie from five years ago was wrong about a great pair of shoes. That’s what you’ve brought to the table, here.

      • CelliniEVO

        That movie is great! Gosling’s character is the epitome of a poonhound! NB’s are comfortable, but absolutely hideous! Just like wearing Birkenstocks in the summer or going out in jogging pants, comfortable but definitely trim kryptonite!

        • Guy

          Someone’s been drinking the koolaid.

        • Jackie D

          Speaking as a guy who does well with women AND wears whatever he likes, might I suggest you try not having a revolting personality? Like say, for instance, not referring to any aspect of a woman as “trim?”

          • CelliniEVO

            You sound like a great guy to grab a pint with mate!