Patrik Ervell Unstructured Blazers

I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to tell you something as cliched as these Patrik Ervell Unstructured Blazers are “great for formal or casual wear.” Fuck that. Slim, unlined, made in the US out of heavy cotton drill and featuring a curved notch lapel and patch pockets – you can rock these bitches to the White House to be blessed with the Medal of Swagginess, or to that party over at Lauren Conrad’s crib in The Hills. Oh, wait — shit. Well, shut up and buy it on sale for $331, okay?





For price and purchase info, visit Patrik Ervell.

  • Jim

    It is just embarrassing to read phrases like ” rock these bitches” and “medal of swagginess”. Are you 17 years old? Come on.

    • David Gussio

      You find it embarrassing to read certain phrases? Fascinating.

      • Taylor

        He’s right. The quality of writing over the last few months has gone down rather significantly. The amount of “bro” vernacular is a bit off-putting.

        • Brian


          • Well Spent

            Hmm, that’s one for, three against.

            Guys who don’t like the writing anymore, can you give me some examples of the posts you do / did like?

          • Matt Ludvigson

            The “Save Khaki” popover writeup has that edgy whit without going down the “swearing is cool because I can route.” It’s nicely done, IMO. I respond more to writing like that then the article above.

          • Nick Grant


            I’m sorry you feel this way. I will take your constructive criticism and be more cognizant of how I present items to you, the reader, in the future.

            We are writing for a target audience that varies a bit. It’s wider than you may imagine. Not all posts are going to cater to you. I think the numbers the site is doing speaks to the fact that whatever formula we’ve concocted is working. But we want to make sure we aren’t “off-putting.” So remember, in light of subjectivity, nobody bats 1.000, but we’ll sure try.