Bather Trunk Co. Surf Trunks

Did you know there are beaches in Toronto? Like, actual, for real, water and sand beaches. I literally just found that out today (my apologies to everyone in the TO for knowing so little about your city – to make up for it, I promise not to make a single Rob Ford joke in this post). Anyway, these Surf Trunks from Bather Trunk Co. are designed and made in Toronto, come in a wide range of quick-dry nylon fabrics, and have a velcro fly, drawstring waist, and single back pocket with snap closure. Dive in, eh.





For price and purchase info, visit Bather Trunk Co.

  • CelliniEVO

    From the few fit pics I’ve seen, these look about 2 inches too long. Can’t believe Bather only has pics of dudes flipping and somersaulting around when they need to show how the damn trunks fit!

    • Varvatos

      If you click into the product in the online store they have some photos on model. Well above the knee!