Capital Eyewear Acetate Sunglasses

I can think of only two reasons why you would wear sunglasses at night. 1) You’re an asshole. 2) You just picked up a pair of Acetate Sunglasses from Capital Eyewear, and you want to show them off (which, unlike reason number one, is both understandable and totally forgivable). Handmade in the USA, the sunglasses are crafted out of high-quality acetate from Italy and Japan, and feature Zeiss lenses and Barrel Wire Core Hinges. There are three styles to choose from, and prices start at $125. Get your Corey Hart on.




For price and purchase info, visit Capital Eyewear.

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    • Well Spent

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  • Amy @ TAMGtL

    I am so intrigued by this company. Would love to see the glasses in person.

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