New Balance ML999CRA Sneakers

I’m getting old, man. Like, my son is already one – practically a teenager. Luckily, old-manhood is all about being able to wear comfortable-yet-cool shit, like these New Balance 999s. Made in the USA, they have a pebbled leather, suede, and mesh upper, and a midsole that has more padding than the Grand-Pampers I’m already ready to start rocking. Because if peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.




For price and purchase info, visit Need Supply.

  • camp6ell

    RSS delivery of posts today has them just showing the first couple of sentences…

  • Bob

    The 999s are not made in the USA. Only passing the info along in case someone cares.

    • Well Spent

      Uh oh. Need Supply has the following written in the description: “Crafted in the USA with pebbled leather, suede…” I guess they have that wrong.

    • Paul Novarese

      These aren’t the regular 999s, they’re the “elite edition.” This isn’t the only NB model where there is both an imported and USA-made version.

      • Watcho

        Saw this exact pair in a store yesterday. Made in China.